Girls Varsity Weightlifting · Girls Varsity Powerlifting

The Lady Eagles fought hard against a total of nine veteran schools. We are proud of the girl’s efforts despite the fact that this is all of their first competition against multiple schools.This year was everyone’s first year competing in girls weightlifting and it displayed that they have true Edgewater Eagle pride by doing their personal best in bench press as well as clean and jerk. The girls fought great as a team as well as individually.

110 weight class Hai-Mie Hguyen finished 5th with a total score of 160
110 weight class Kadazjah Nelson finished 6th with a total score of 155
154 weight class Azaria Baker finished 9th with a total score of 185
169 weight class Sierra Wallace finished 5th with a total score of 145
183 weight class LaChauntie Anderson finished 2nd with a total score of 245