Girls Varsity Soccer · Edgewater Girls Varsity Soccer Player of the Week!

Bailey Stokes has been selected by her coaches as Edgewater Girls Varsity Soccer Player of the Week!

Bailey has played exceptional wherever she is asked to play!  She is strong in the tackle and a consistent attacking midfielder for the Lady Eagles.
Bailey started playing soccer at the age of five and quickly developed a love for the game that hasn’t wavered since! By seven, she was playing on her own team and also playing up on her older sister’s team because she just couldn’t get enough. At ten, she started playing club soccer and quickly earned the name of “Bulldozer Bailey” due to her talent for taking on, and bulldozing through, any sized opponent without a moments hesitation! Her aggressive style of playing has brought her numerous injuries along the way, but she has always been willing to dust herself off and get right back on the field as soon as her coaches call on her. She has always enjoyed playing against older opponents (and boys too!) because it allows her to play harder and challenges her to be better!
Being the middle of three soccer loving sisters, Bailey remains the most competitive of the three with aspirations to play as long as the game will have her! At ten, as she watched the USWNT play a match here in Orlando, she knew then that that was where she saw herself playing when she got older! Playing as an Edgewater Lady Eagle is her current stop on the way to fulfilling her soccer dreams!
While soccer is most definitely Bailey’s first love in sports, she also runs track and plays volleyball for Edgewater. There are a few other sports that she’d love to give a try, including kicking field goals for the Eagles football team! Her family and friends fully believe that’s yet another “goal” she will make!