Girls Varsity Lacrosse · Senior Spring Sport Highlight: Ava Meena-Girls Lacrosse

Words from Coach Rodriguez

Ava transferred to us last year and has spent two years in our program. I could not be more ecstatic that Ava and her family made the move to Edgewater High. Ava came in and easily fit in with our girls and honestly became a vital piece, as all the girls are. I was so impressed with her laid back personality but the drive to always get all her work done.

Ava was never afraid to be who she is and honest to a T. She would tell me how she couldn’t do something because she had prior commitments. I would ask her to elaborate, because until this senior class I was used he girls reasoning for missing practice or games due to the girls planning to go to the beach or the girls had planned or going to social gatherings, no Ava and the girls this year were volunteering, involved in academic or school initiative, and feeding the homeless. Ava would let me know she had a meeting with her Robotics Team that they were working on a project, and I was taken aback. Ava, along with many in our program, are amazing and smart individuals. I am always amazed by them and their accomplishments. Ava, your honesty and intelligence is a trait that will endlessly improve your life. Thank you for being you!

I am so proud of Ava and all her accomplishments. She has decided to embark on her next journey at UF pursuing a degree in Engineering. Ava, our last Ava, you will be missed and never replaced!

Congratulate Ava and her family!