Girls Varsity Lacrosse · Spring Sport Senior Highlight: Madeline Shields-Girls Lacrosse

Words from Coach Rodriguez

Maddie has been with the program for 4 years; however, I also coached Maddie in Cheerleading for 2 years. I have seen different sides of Maddie, but always an athlete and always competitive.

Maddie is such a lovely young lady and she is simply astonishing, but I am always impressed by how open and willing she is to help others. Maddie really stepped up this year, and would help our new players and encourage them as well. She is such a great communicator and really involved in her community. A wonderful role model for many of our players.

I am so proud and sitting here beaming as I write this email. Maddie is leaving us this year and ready to conquer her next chapter. Of course she was accepted to many of the schools she applied to like Ole Miss, Michigan State, South Carolina, UNF, Georgia Southern, and Alabama. Maddie will be attending FSU and majoring in marketing/ communications. This major makes total since to me because I know how well she communicates and Maddie isn’t afraid to be out there. I am so happy for her and her future endeavors. You are one of my favorite cheerleading requirements and you will be missed!

Congratulate Maddie and her family!

Go Noles!